Everything About Point of Sale Displays

Retail marketing is an industry with broad knowledge and years of experience to which techniques are time tested. By understanding the your customer's pattern while inside the store and knowing to which points in their trip can be used to trigger emotional reaction, retailers are capable of making most from their layout. click here for more  counter display
Believe it or not, most of the stores these days depend largely on point of sale display stands. This is intended to encourage trigger the impulse buying of people. It's that some of it works while others need some tweaks. Following is a quick overview of the 3 best POS display units that many marketers use in their stores. see more  point of sale desplay

FSDU - this is an abbreviation of Free Standing Display Units that are strategically positioned to the key parts of the customer's journey inside the shop. If you have short term offers or limited edition products, this works wonderfully for it. Because of the fact that they're free standing, they can be set up easily and then tucked in again when the promo period is over.

Most of the time, these are designed to suit the theme or promo currently run and see to it that it looks exciting and interesting. These are mostly positioned at the store's entrance to grab the most attention to customers. visit  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Packaging_and_labeling

CDU - this basically means Countertop Display Units and as what the name suggests, it is positioned on top of counters to possibly encourage impulse purchases before customers finally make a purchase. Since they're relatively small and the counter is often a noisy area filled with varying products that compete for attention, CDUs are made in an eye-catching and original way.

The cutouts are used regularly and they have strong branding in order to alert customers to the product they impulsively buy such as chocolate bars and chewing gum.

Wobblers - to be able to trigger the impulsive buying of customers, these are put on just at shelf level by major supermarkets. If you wish to trigger an emotional response from customers, then it can be used to offer inspiration or based.

Of course, there are also other types of point of sale display items used today and they're more attractive than ever. Not only that, manufacturers think thoroughly on how they're going to use and position it on their store since shoppers become savvier these days. POS marketing is more on creating theatre within the store and knowing what is going to trigger buying response from customers and at the same time, new ideas are being tried by top retailers and by their POS agencies.